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Blood of the Harpy 750ml

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Product Description


The Harpy of ancient Greek mythology is defined as a fearsome creature; part woman, and part bird, who thirsts for vengeance. Various tales describe how harpies would descend in screeching flocks to snatch up evildoers in their talons and deliver them, begging for mercy, to the merciless Furies. For several centuries, "Harpy" has remained a popular slang term, used to describe a particularly nasty or contentious woman.

These beautiful terrors are the inspiration for HARPYCORPS, a monstrous feminist art rage alliance instigated by a bunch of fed-up women and queers.

HARPYCORPS' chief mission is to create a network of safe spaces, both virtual and physical, where brave humans from all walks of life can come together to explore the immense power inherent in our femininity. We strive to create artistic works --both as individuals and in collaboration-- that express our non-compliance with rape culture, unapologetically celebrate our sexuality, elevate the public discourse around various civil rights issues, and purge the toxins of misogyny and kyriarchy from our bodies and minds. 

Every bottle sold will help the chief agitators of HARPYCORPS to facilitate these goals. What better way to make our intentions known than on Inauguration Day, 2017, with a ferociously caffeinated beverage? We are fierce. We are femme. We will not flinch. Prepare your gullets and brace your cloacas for... BLOOD OF THE HARPY.
Herr Direktor Funranium's Adds...
If you're new here you're probably wondering what all this is about. Black Blood of the Earth (BBotE) is a cold vacuum extraction concentrate of coffee that I made as a result of being diagnosed as a diabetic with a vicious sweet tooth and I needed to find a way to make coffee that I didn't need to add sugar and cream to. Supercaffeination was just a pleasant side effect of trying to make something tasty. You can read the tale of misadventures that lead us all to this point here.

But Blood of the Harpy (BotH) is something a little different than normal. Normally, BBotEs are made with a single geographic region of coffee but Blood of the Harpy is a blend of the African BBotEs with a primary base of Death Wish BBotE, and an extra spice kick. Accordingly, the caffeine content on this one is a might bit higher than normal run of the mill BBotE, but milder than just straight up Death Wish.

When my friend, musician and Coilhouse Magazine maven Meredith Yayanos first proposed this in support of her monstrous feminist HARPYCORPS project, she wanted something special. If I remember our conversation over pizza correctly, "The Blood of the Harpy needs to be a bit harsh, like a cruel truth, but invigorating once you accept it." I like to think this blend does that for folks. The exquisitely detailed label was drawn and hand lettered (something I still can't believe he did) by noted monstermaker, sculptor, horrorsmith and friend of Mer's, Paul Komoda. If you need your home to creep people out more than it already does, please purchase anything and everything you can from this singular artist. 

For the record, if you would like this filled with something different because you think the bottle is awesome but can't take the elevated caffeine level of the Death Wish base, I understand. I am willing to do so, just leave me a note with the variety you'd like and I'll make it happen. 

If you would like to go review the flavor profiles of the various BBotEs, you find them here.

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